One in five youth have a mental health disorder, but only 25% will actually seek professional help. The Am I? series of apps were created by mental health professionals to put mental health tools directly into the hands of youth – through their smartphones! These tools can help youth who are feeling anxious or depressed. They can also help youth who have thoughts about hurting themselves develop a plan for keeping themselves safe. The apps contain tools that are commonly used in therapy and are supported by research. The apps are not a substitute for professional mental health services. These apps can be a source of support for youth and provide links to community resources. They can also help youth decide if they would like to see a mental health professional. 

The Am I Anxious? and Am I Depressed? apps use strategies from motivational interviewing to help you explore whether or not anxiety or depression is a problem for you. Based on your answers, the app will direct you to activities that may be helpful.  The Am I Anxious? app contains links to websites that provide strategies for managing anxiety.  The Am I Depressed? app contains cognitive-behavioural therapy strategies for managing depression. The series also contains My Safety Plan, My Thought Record, and the Behavioural Experiment Worksheet app that can be used by individuals who want to work on their mental health on their own, or those who are involved in mental health treatment.

The Am I? series of apps were created by Dr. Julie Eichstedt, Dr. Devita Singh, and Dr. Kerry Collins, clinical psychologists with many years of experience in child and adolescent mental health,  in collaboration with mindyourmind and input from youth volunteers.  It was programmed and designed by Red Square Labs Inc., with support from the Children’s Health Foundation, and its donors, including the John and Jean Wettlaufer Family.