The Am I? series of apps can be used by mental health agencies as an e-mental health patient resource. The Am I Anxious? and Am I Depressed? apps assess treatment motivation using the University of Rhode Island Change Assessment (McConnaughy, Prochaska, & Velicer, 1983). Based on youth responses, a Readiness to Change score is provided that the youth is in one of three stages of change: 1) Precontemplation (the youth is unsure whether they have a problem or not); 2) Contemplation (the youth perceives that they have a problem, but may be unsure whether they want help for this problem); and 3) Preparation and Action (the youth perceives that there is a problem that they would like help for, and is ready to make changes).

Based on the results, the app directs youth to therapeutic exercises based on motivational enhancement or motivational interviewing therapy that are designed to increase readiness for change. Hospitals and agencies can receive feedback about patients’ stage of change, progress through the app, and when patients feel ready to work on their anxiety or depressive symptoms. This app may provide support to youth while they are awaiting services, as well as facilitate triage decisions around readiness for treatment.

The apps were designed for youth 12-18 years old, with the input of youth.

The Am I? apps can also be used as resources during the course of therapy. For example, the apps provide psychoeducation and cognitive-behavioural strategies for anxiety and depression. The Am I Depressed? app also includes activity scheduling, thought records, behavioural experiments, and creating a safety plan.