Have you been feeling sad or depressed lately? Have you had thoughts that life is not worth living or that it is pointless to keep going? Have you been having thoughts about hurting or killing yourself? When youth are depressed, they sometimes think they will never feel better and life seems hopeless. Although it may be hard to believe it in the moment, things will get better and there are people and coping tools that can help. Using this app to develop a safety plan can be a good first step.

This app:

• Can help you identify warning signs that you may be heading for a crisis, and strategies you can use to cope
• Can help you text or call family members, friends, or other forms of support when you need help
• Can be used to access national suicide prevention hotlines (in Canada and the United States)
• Can be used to e-mail your safety plan to important supports, such as family doctors, school counsellors, etc.
• Was designed for youth 12-18 years old, with the input of youth
• Does not collect personal information, with all the information you provide stored locally on your device

Please be aware that:

• You may want to consider password protecting your device to keep your information private
• This app and its contents are designed for information purposes only and cannot be used to diagnose or treat depression or other mental health problems
• This app is not a substitute for professional mental health care or emergency services